Getting the right annuity for you

You’ve worked long and hard to build up your pension, so you wouldn’t want to get a penny less than you deserve if you decide to take an annuity.

But if you’re not careful, this could easily happen to you. Which? has found that many people miss out on up to 20% of the annuity income they could get because they didn’t shop around.

We think you deserve better. That’s why we’ve set up Which? Annuity Advisers, to help you get the right annuity deal for your pension pot.

An extensive market search

We have access to all the annuity products that our panel of 13 annuity providers offer, this means we conduct one of the most extensive searches possible in the market. So you can be confident that we will find you the annuity you need.

We work for you

We want to find the right annuity deal for you. All our annuity advisers and administrators are paid a salary, rather than commission. And any bonus the advisers receive is determined by the quality of service and advice they provide you. So finding the annuity that is right for you is their top priority.         Meet the team